We inspire people to action
across the Commonwealth
on behalf of native plants and
the diversity of life they support.


Grow Native Massachusetts is an organization rooted in community. As friends, neighbors, and citizens, we are inspired by the significance of our gardens and green spaces that contribute to the integrity of our common ecosystem.

We cultivate them for beauty and biodiversity, aspiring to create essential habitat for birds, butterflies and wildlife, and to better understand the delicate balance that weaves all life together.

We recognize that native plants create the foundation for healthy ecological communities, and know that our world—both locally and globally—is threatened by a decrease in native plant populations and the proliferation of invasives.

Therefore, we act to:

  • Steward our land, no matter how big or small, for conservation.
  • Plant our gardens with an emphasis on natives.
  • Work together to aid in the identification and removal of invasive weeds.
  • Build our community through education and dialog.


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