Grow Native Plant Sale

Our most recent sale was Saturday, May 14, 2016

Stay tuned for our next sale in May 2017 — Members at the Family/Advocate level and above can pre-order!

UMass Waltham Field Station
240 Beaver Street, Waltham, MA  02452


Buy Native ~ Naturally!
In 2016 we offered an incredible selection of 106 species indigenous to New England and the eastern United States, and sold almost 2,000 plants. We work with about ten different nursery suppliers to bring you a very diverse selection not available from a single source.  Approximately 40% of our sales are pre-orders. All sale proceeds support our programs.

  • Perennials   •   Ferns   •   Grasses   •   Shrubs   •   Trees

Ask the Experts: At our sale, you can get advice from experienced landscape professionals on plant selection and species best suited to your landscape needs. Any and all questions welcome... and we even have refreshments.

Pre-Sale Orders: Members at the Family/Advocate level and above may pre-order plants prior to the sale to get the exact species and quantities desired. This past year, we had 68 species in our pre-order catalog, which was e-mailed to members in mid-late April. Not yet a member? Become one now. Please support us as generously as you can so that we can continue to offer this great service. It takes months of staff and volunteer time to put our Plant Sale together, so we depend on your generous support to run the sale, and especially to offer you the pre-order option.

THANK YOU to Our Plant Sale Supporters and Donors
Bigelow Nurseries
Landscape Forms
New England Wetland Plants
New England Wild Flower Society
Sudbury Nurseries West
Sylvan Nursery
Van Berkum Nursery
Weston Nurseries / Hort-Sense
Wilkinson Ecological Design

Beaver Street Elves at Work: On Thursday and Friday before our sale, we process all your pre-orders and label all the plants.

In 2016 we had 23 volunteers who worked a total of 230 hours to prepare for, and staff, the sale!

After a long day, we can get a little punchy and are ready to relax!