Your Membership Matters

What is a Grow Native membership?

Membership is, quite simply, a thank you for making an annual gift of support. We do not require people to be members to participate in the vast majority of our programs. We pride ourselves for operating on an "open source" model, offering exceptional resources and learning opportunities to the world completely free of charge — this website, our Evenings with Experts lectures and videos, and many other programs. But we depend on your voluntary contributions to do all of this work. Through your charitable gifts, you make our programs possible. We show our appreciation by offering you member benefits, and this also connects you to many others who care deeply about our mission. Together, we are all learning to be better stewards of our earth, and how best to protect biodiversity and the beauty of life as we know it. Together, we become a strong community and are a force for meaningful change in the world.

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    Supporting Memberships Take Us the Furthest

    All members receive discounts on workshops; invitations to our Gatherings in the Field; and advance access to our annual Native Plant Sale.

    Supporting gifts of $100 or more have the biggest impact on our budget, providing the needed fuel for so much of our work. These members receive the following additional benefits:

    • Supporters ($100+): Invitations to special events and our Annual Reception for Supporting Donors.
    • Patrons ($500+): Invitations to dinner with Evenings with Experts speakers, as space permits.
    • Leadership Circle ($1,000+): Invitations to our annual Leadership Ramble with expert botanists at unique locations.

    Membership benefits extend for a full year from the date of your most recent gift. These contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

  • Why Your Membership Matters

    • Individual contributions fund approximately 60% of our operating budget each year.
    • Your membership helps us reach well over 30,000 people every year through our programs, including our educational website.
    • We make the most of every dollar. We are a lean grassroots nonprofit organization— deeply rooted in, and supported by, our community. We operate with just two paid staff and the dedication of more than 50 volunteers each year.
    • Our program impact is impressive. For example, your support has allowed us to present 41 Evenings with Experts lectures in our first decade, reaching 9,000 people— 4,669 attending in person and almost an equal number watching our videos!
    • By supporting us, you join a community of individuals and organizations who understand the importance of native plants to biodiversity and healthy ecosystems— for all life. We truly enjoy being together, learning from one another, and working together to achieve our mission.