Ecological Gardening 101: How to Select, Install, and Care for Native Plants

Pollinator garden


Instructor: Marie Chieppo, EcoPlantPlans

  • June 10 | 7:00 - 8:30pm

Fee: Member $28/ Non-member $38/ Workshop Sponsor $100

NEW DATE! (This program was originally scheduled for May 20 and had to be postponed.)

Want to create a beautiful and ecologically healthy garden but don’t know where to start? In this workshop Marie Chieppo will teach us the best practice basics for siting, planting, and maintaining native landscapes. She will discuss how working with native plants is different (or not!) from caring for “standard” typically non-native garden plants and vegetables. We will also delve into practical considerations, i.e. how to install a pot-grown plant, how to curb unwanted weeds, how much to water your plantings, etc. Anyone who is new to native gardening, stumped by a landscape’s failure to thrive, or in need of a refresher course, this is the program for you!

Marie Chieppo is an ecological landscape designer and educator with 20 years of experience creating sustainable and beautiful landscapes with a focus on native plants. She has been a featured speaker for the Berkshire Botanical Garden and American Horticultural Society, among others, and her report for the Association of Professional Landscape Designers on Plastic Pots and the Green Industry has received international attention.