Exploring the Bounty of Asters & Goldenrods

Bluestem goldenrod (Solidago caesia).


Instructor: Adam Kohl, Mass. NHESP Approved Botanist

  • September 20 | 10:00am - 12:30pm

Fee: Member $38/ Non-Member $48/ Workshop Sponsor $100

Enrollment is limited to 15 participants.

Asters and goldenrods are beautiful heralds of autumn and valuable species for our local ecology. Join naturalist Adam Kohl to explore the diversity of these wildflowers found in the Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge. Adam will discuss the habits and habitats of various species, and describe the co-evolutionary relationships—particularly with insects—that make them such ecological powerhouses. Many asters and goldenrods produce abundant seeds that germinate quite readily, making them a good first stop when learning to propagate plants. Adam will teach us the best techniques to effectively grow these perennials from seed, and explain important guidelines for responsible seed collection that all of us should follow.

Adam Kohl is a skilled naturalist with experience as a field botanist, entomological surveyor, and plant propagator. Adam has worked as a consultant for Maine Audubon, Gegear Lab, and Landscape Interactions LLC among others. Adam currently serves as the conservation agent for the towns of Leverett and Wendell and previously worked as a seed collector and nursery assistant at Native Plant Trust.