Native Plant Sale 2024

Our annual Native Plant Sale is one of the largest and most eagerly anticipated events we run. It was conceived as a way to give our community access to a quantity and diversity of native plants rarely found in a single retail setting. The sale is powered by our staff and numerous dedicated volunteers who, along with many of those who come to shop, are brimming with enthusiasm for native plants and knowledge to share.

New Location Alert!

Our 2024 sale will be held at 7 Harrington Rd in Lexington, MA, which is also the site of our new office. We expect to have 5,000+ plants representing 100+ native species, including perennial wildflowers, ferns, grasses/ sedges, shrubs, and trees. 

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    You must register in advance to participate in our sale. Arrival times are staggered at 30 minute intervals to manage crowd flow, reduce wait times, and ease traffic in the parking lot.

    Friday May 31: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm.
    Open to current members of Grow Native Massachusetts.

    Saturday June 1: 9:30 am - 4:00 pm.
    Open to all members as well as the public.

    If there are not spots left at your desired time, check again later! Slots periodically become available when existing sign-ups are cancelled.

    Sign-Up to Shop

    Our native tree pre-sale catalog will be available mid-May. Any member may place an order to be picked up during our active sales periods on May 31 and June 1. There is no minimum order requirement, and those participating are also welcome to sign up to shop in person. Pre-orders can be placed online, and must be submitted by 5:00 pm on Thursday May 30.


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    Our Plant Sale Species Directory

    Want to learn more about what plant species we have offered at our sale? Take a look at the new guide we are developing! It is a spreadsheet that lists the basic characteristics of each species, including preferred light conditions, bloom time, and more. This reference is still a work in progress, and we plan to keep expanding and fine-tuning it.

    Grow Native Plant Sale Species Directory

    Tip: In the lower left corner of the spreadsheet you can click on pre-sorted tabs showing sun and shade plants.

    Remember! Not all of these species will be available every year. We will post our 2024 list 7-10 days before the sale date, once plant availability is confirmed by our wholesale suppliers.