Native Trees: The Heart of Your Landscape

Native river birch trees just planted.

Claudia Thompson, Founder, Grow Native Massachusetts
Hosted by: Lynnfield Conservation Commission and Public Library

  • September 24 | 7:00 - 8:30pm

Free and open to all.

Of all the native plants you can add to your landscape, trees are one of the most valuable. They provide the foundation for local food webs, improving biodiversity and providing needed habitat for birds and wildlife. Their canopies capture carbon and reduce the heat island effect of our cities and suburbs. If you want to improve environmental quality and the health of your local ecosystem, plant more native trees! After a quick refresher on why native plants are so important generally, we will explore more than a dozen native tree species in detail — all of which are excellent choices for a variety of landscape conditions. Come learn about their unique ecological contributions and adaptations, as well as their varying soil, moisture and horticultural requirements. Leave equipped and excited to add more of these essential plants to your gardens and streetscapes!