Managing an Urban Landscape for Biodiversity

Rebecca McMackin headshot.

Evenings with Experts

  • March 31 | 7:00 - 8:30pm

Fee: Free to All

Habitat stewardship is a vital component of creating enduring and ecologically healthy landscapes, particularly in dense urban settings. But traditional landscaping practices rarely take biodiversity into consideration, and there is a dearth of effective guidelines to inform this goal. For horticulturist Rebecca McMackin and her team that cares for the native woodlands, wetlands, and meadows at Brooklyn Bridge Park, cultivating habitat is central to their work. Join us to learn how they are using ecological insight and experimentation to develop new management strategies— and why careful observation and documentation of the insects, birds, and other wildlife in the park has been so crucial to their success.

Rebecca McMackin is the Director of Horticulture for Brooklyn Bridge Park, where she manages 85 acres of diverse parkland with an eye towards habitat creation for birds, butterflies, and soil microorganisms. She is also the Vice-President of the Metro Hort Group in the New York tri-state region.