Native Plant Sale

Our annual Native Plant Sale is one of the largest and most eagerly anticipated events we run. It was conceived as a way to give our community access to a quantity and diversity of native plants rarely found in a single retail setting. Since we started this sale, we have been able to increase the number of plants we sell each year five-fold— growth that is both very rewarding to see and challenging to sustain. The sale is powered by our staff and numerous dedicated volunteers who, along with many of those who come to shop, are brimming with enthusiasm for native plants and knowledge to share. This has always made the sale a wonderful place to learn and build connections. We can’t wait to see you there!

Highlights of our 2022 Plant Sale

Thank you to all who helped us run a successful sale this year— especially our many volunteers and all of our members and customers!

  • We sold 4,726 plants representing 124 native species, including several that are hard to find so we had them custom-grown. Those included Antennaria plantaginifolia (Plantain-leaved pussytoes), Fragaria virginiana (Wild strawberry), Hypericum prolificum (Shrubby St. John's wort), Packera obovata (Running groundsel), and several others.
  • As part of our Pre-Sale for members, we sold 40 trees. The most popular species were Prunus virginiana (Chokecherry), and Betula populifolia (Gray birch).
  • Our 40 super hard-working volunteers contributed nearly 600 hours of work. Most of that was during the sale week— unloading wholesale orders; sorting, labeling and watering plants; helping customers with plant selection; setting up and cleaning up each day.
  • Nearly 500 customers purchased plants. The largest purchase was $2,300 and the smallest was $14!
  • Thank you to all of our members! More than 290 of you became members or renewed your membership in the two months leading up to the sale. This support, combined with general plant sale revenues, netted over $60,000 for our programs year-round.