Native Plant Sale

Our annual sale is one of the biggest one-day native plant sales in New England. We typically offer well over 4,000 plants representing more than 120 native species. These include:

  • Perennials for sun, shade, part-shade, and all types of soil conditions. 
  • A large selection of ferns, both evergreen and deciduous.
  • Grasses and sedges, for cool season and warm season interest. 
  • Trees and shrubs, at small sizes you can take home in your car. Remember that native trees and shrubs do the most to increase biodiversity and to enhance the wildlife value of your landscapes.  

Most of the species we sell are native to Massachusetts and New England. We include a few additional species from the eastern United States, especially if we believe they have ecological value here or they are great finds that are otherwise hard to source.

Our friendly native plant and landscaping experts are available all day to answer your questions and give advice on plant selection. 

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    We run one of the very best native plant sales in New England. We will have more than 120 species for sale, and thousands of plants available. Members can pre-order plants in advance of the sale. At the sale, we offer expert advice on plant selection.


    May 30 | 9:00am - 2:30pm

  • Grow Native Members: Order Your Plants in Advance!

    Members at the Advocate/Family level and above may pre-order plants prior to the sale, selecting the exact quantity of plants desired and reserving them in advance. We generally are able to offer 70-80 species through pre-order. Member contributions are essential to making this sale and all other programs possible, and we love being able to offer this service to thank you for your generous support!

    • The Pre-Sale catalog and order form are e-mailed to all members approximately five weeks before the sale, and orders will be due by mid-May. The minimum order is $150. 
    • Pre-Sale orders are available for pick up on either the afternoon before the sale (May 29) or at the sale (May 30). 
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    Thank You to our 2019 Plant Sale Donors!

    Bigelow Nurseries
    Hort-Sense / Weston Nurseries
    Landscape Forms
    Native Plant Trust
    New England Wetland Plants
    Patagonia Boston
    Pierson Nurseries
    Russell's Garden Center
    Sudbury Nurseries West
    Sylvan Nursery
    Van Berkum Nursery
    Wilkinson Ecological Design