A New Garden Ethic

Benjamin Vogt, Author, A New Garden Ethic: Cultivating Defiant Compassion for an Uncertain Future

April 2022

In a time of mass extinction and climate change, how and for whom we garden matters more than ever.  Our built landscapes reflect the dominant ethos of our society—they are too often made to meet the needs and desires of humans without consideration for the diversity of other species with whom we share our planet. What would happen if our society not only developed compassion for other species but recognized and advocated for their inherent worth? Benjamin Vogt will explore why our gardens are ideal settings to cultivate this compassion, and how they can help us grow into our fullest potential as stewards of life.

In addition to A New Garden Ethic, Benjamin Vogt is the author of the forthcoming Prairie Up: An Introduction to Natural Garden Design (publication expected January 2023). Based in Lincoln, Nebraska, he owns Monarch Gardens, a prairie-inspired design firm.