The Beautiful Adaptations of Native Plants: Inviting the Wild into our Gardens

Dan Segal, Owner, The Plantsmen Nursery

February 2018

Native plants have evolved a broad array of adaptations in the wild, yielding not only the ornamental features embraced in horticulture but many fascinating mechanisms for survival. Dan goes beyond 'pretty' plant features to explore the origins of these adaptive traits, and the critical importance of regional variation. He also compares and contrasts large-scale nursery production that favors the cloning of cultivars, with small-scale nursery propagation that favors seed-grown straight species. 

Dan Segal has collected and propagated over 1,000 species of native plants in his three decades of work as a nurseryman, giving him great insight into the fascinating variety of adaptations that plants have evolved to survive. He is the owner of The Plantsmen Nursery near Ithaca, NY, which specializes in native plants, local seed collection, and natural landscaping. He founded the Ithaca Native Plant Symposium in 2009.