Urban Landscape Inspirations from Native Plant Communities

Ethan Dropkin, Associate, Larry Weaner Landscape Associates

May 2022

Whether at ground level or high above the city streets, growing plants in an urban setting imposes stress, both for the plants and the people maintaining them. We too often turn to a small palette of non-native species that are over-used and have little to no ecological value. Ethan Dropkin will illustrate how by using existing native plant communities found in naturally stressed ecological environments to guide us, we can use urban conditions to our advantage and create resilient, ecologically-sound plantings.  

Since joining Larry Weaner Landscape Associates Ethan Dropkin has been involved in projects ranging from the design of a green roof in Brooklyn to plans for a prairie garden at RBG KEW-Wakehurst in the UK. Trained as a landscape architect and horticulturist, he has worked for Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates and the NYC Parks department.