We are The ARK

Mary Reynolds, Author, We are The ARK

March 2023

Our current environmental crises are born of modern humanity’s destructive re-shaping of Earth to suit our short-term interest. We have become so profoundly detached from the natural world that we have forgotten that we too depend on the web of life. Author and activist Mary Reynolds envisions a healing process where humans embrace our role as caretakers with Acts of Restorative Kindness to the Earth, or ARKs. Join us to learn how an ARK is different from a typical wildlife garden, and what principles to follow to create true sanctuaries for our shared kin, the rooted and the unrooted. Together, we can step up and become weavers of the web of life, re-stitch the threads we have broken, and build a patchwork quilt of life to restore our planet.

Mary Reynolds is a reformed, internationally acclaimed landscape designer. In 2002 as a complete unknown, she won a gold medal for her garden design at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show in London, the story of which was made into the 2016 movie Dare to Be WildBest-selling author of The Garden AwakeningMary is a motivational speaker and founder of the global movement We Are The ARK.